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Remaining Relative Visa - Migration Agent Perth

Remaining Relative Visa

This visa scheme allows Australian citizens or permanent residents to sponsor their last remaining relative to Australia. Generally, the applicant should be the last member of the family living outside of Australia. The family for this example is generally considered to be parents, siblings and children (including step-parents, step-children and stepbrothers and stepsisters) of the applicant.

When assessing the eligibility for a remaining relative visa, relatives of the applicant’s spouse or partner are also taken into consideration. For example if the applicant’s spouse has a parent residing outside of Australia then the applicant will not meet the remaining relative requirement.

When assessing the relationship between the applicant and family members, there is no consideration taken into account for the amount of contact the applicant and family members have. If the whereabouts of a family member is unknown, then that family member is deemed to be living in the last known country of residence.

As only a few of these visas are granted each year processing can take decades. It makes sense then to try and lodge an onshore application (835) to try and remain in Australia on a bridging Visa.

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