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461 NZ Family Visa - Migration Agent Perth

461 visa - New Zealand Citizen Family Relationship

The 461 visa allows a family member (spouse/partner or dependent child) of a New Zealand citizen to live and work in Australia for up to five years. Thereafter, a new 461 visa (or another visa type) will need to be applied for to remain in Australia.

The visa applicant can be in Australia or outside Australia when the application is submitted. If you are applying on the basis of been the spouse of a New Zealand citizen, the supporting documents are fundamentally similar to a full spouse visa application e.g. demonstration genuine and ongoing relationship with your New Zealand spouse or partner.

New Zealand citizens obtain a 444 visa upon arrival in Australia. Their family member who is not a New Zealand citizen must hold an Australian visa prior to travelling to Australia. If a person holds a Visitor’s Visa for example, then under the right circumstances an onshore 461 application can be made.

There is no restriction to work or study for someone who holds a 461 visa, but adequate health insurance cover may be requested.

Usually, police and health checks are required for this visa.

Our team will be delighted to address any questions or queries you may have to guide you in meeting your requirements for the visa.

Professional assistance

Visa applications are inherently detailed and complicated. Using a migration agent will ensure your application is validly submitted and compiled to address the required criteria.

Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your visa requirements or issues.  Please note that we do charge a nominal fee for a consultation. Our phone number is (08) 93010660. You can also make an enquiry using the form below.